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              High School Mock Trial


              About the Program

              The Minnesota High School Mock Trial Program is an exciting law-related education program that introduces students to the American legal system and provides a challenging opportunity for personal growth and achievement. Your students will exercise their critical thinking and teamwork skills, as well as the basic skills learned in the classroom.

              The MSBA is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which every person can participate in the Mock Trial program. Please contact us if there are reasonable accommodations that would allow you to participate more fully. Such requests should be directed to Kim Basting, Director of Mock Trial Program at (612) 278-6306.


              2019 State Champions

              ACTLM AVHS Picture
              Members of the Apple Valley High School Mock Trial team were presented with a $2000.00 donation from Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota (ACTLM) to help with their travels to the National Tournament (NHSMTC).

              Thank You

              The Mock Trial Program would like to thank the judges and attorneys that volunteered for the 2019 competitions!
              View the 2019 April Bench & Bar Thank You Ad!

              We also want to extend our gratitude to those that supported the program.


              Mock Trial Season

              Mock Trial Logo


              Kim Basting
              Mock Trial Program Director
              (612) 278-6306 | (800) 882-6722

              Minnesota State Bar Association
              600 Nicollet Mall, Suite 380
              Minneapolis, MN  55402

              Mock Trial Advisory Committee


              Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to mock trial through the Amicus Society. Your financial support is appreciated! 

              Donate at GiveMN.org