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              For the Public


              Find a MN Lawyer

              As a leader in the state of Minnesota, the Minnesota State Bar Association strives to improve the law and equal administration of justice for all. The MSBA offers resources for Minnesotans seeking legal guidance. In addition, the MSBA educates Minnesota youth through the annual High School Mock Trial competition. This program connects high school students with attorneys and introduces the students to the American legal system through rehearsed trials.

              The MSBA offers a free online referral service called MN Find a Lawyer. This directory is available to anyone looking for legal help anywhere in Minnesota and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thousands of attorneys across all practice areas are available. Search by location, language, keywords, fee structures and more.

              For those pursuing pro bono legal representation, there are several statewide resources. Legal forms, fact sheets and self-help clinics are also available to the public at no cost.

              The Minnesota State Bar Association is unable to provide advice, counsel or representation to members of the public concerning specific legal matters.

              Find a Lawyer

              Public Resources

              MN Find a Lawyer

              Free online lawyer search and referral service available 24/7 to anyone looking for legal help anywhere in Minnesota.

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              Finding Legal Help

              Learn more about free and low-cost legal resources including free clinics, do-it-yourself forms, fact sheets and referral services.

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              Forms & Resources

              Several legal forms and resources are available to the public at no cost, including a Health Care Directive, residential real property forms and Minnesota Title Standards Online.

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              High School Mock Trial

              Law-related education program introducing high school students to the American legal system through competitive, rehearsed trials.

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              Video FAQs

              Not to be construed as legal advice. Nor create attorney-client relationship. For educational purposes only.

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