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              Get Involved


              Involvement Leads to Leadership

              MSBA Sections

              37 sections based on practice area/area of interest. Each section is governed by a leadership council. Many sections have new lawyer and/or law student liaison positions.

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              District Bar Associations

              Minnesota is divided into 21 district bar associations based on location. Each district bar association has a governance structure and events you can get involved with.

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              Affinity Bar Associations

              14 affinity bar associations based on race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQ affinity, and disability. Each affinity bar has its own governance structure that you can get involved with.

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              MSBA Committees

              15 committees based on area of interest. MSBA committees develop, implement, and oversee many Association policies, goals and programs.

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              Nominations & Appointments

              Seats on numerous law-related boards and organizations in Minnesota. The MSBA Assembly or President is able to nominate/appoint MSBA members for these seats.

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              More Ways to Get Involved

              High School Mock Trial

              Serve as a judge or team coach in this exciting law-related education program or join our advisory committee.

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              Pro Bono Opportunities

              Help low-income Minnesotans meet their basic needs through opportunities tailored to your availability and interest. Earn CLE credit and recognition.

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              Share Your Expertise

              Enhance your reputation by presenting a CLE, writing for Bench & Bar of Minnesota, developing practicelaw resources or blogging.

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              Apply Online

              Learn more about all of the available options to become a member of the MSBA here.

              Sherri Knuth

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              Here is our guide to leadership at the MSBA.