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              Employee Benefits Section


              Who We Are

              The MSBA Employee Benefits Section assists Minnesota lawyers practicing in the area of employee welfare and retirement benefits by offering educational opportunities; facilitates participation in pro bono activities; provides a forum for information and communication.

              Section Benefits and Activities

              The MSBA Employee Benefits Section provides a voice for members on legislative, administrative, and multi-disciplinary practice issues.


               ? Legislation/Litigation  
               ? Newsletter  
               ? Programs/Seminars  
               ? Pro Bono


              Study Groups

              The Original Study Group

              This group comprises some of the more senior benefits practitioners in the Twin Cities
              Contact:  Deb Rosenberg, Stiles Financial Services, (952) 988-0452; deb@stilesfinancial.com

              The Green Study Group

              This group comprises attorneys and other employee benefits professionals who originally organized a few years later than the Original Study Group as that group reached its optimal size.  It has a mixture of senior and somewhat less senior benefits professionals.
              Contact: Angela Bohmann, Stinson Leonard Street, (612) 335-1510; angela.bohmann@stinsonleonard.com

              The ERISA Study Group

              This group welcomes benefit professionals of all experience levels, from beginning to very experienced.
              Contact:  Melinda Maher, Dorsey & Whitney, (612) 492-6082; maher.melinda@dorsey.com    

              Flexible Flyers Study Group

              The focus of this group is on the practice and services associated with health and welfare benefit plans. Represented in this group are practitioners of all levels of experience and its membership overlaps the other study groups
              Contacts:  Tim Goodman, Dorsey & Whitney, (612) 340-2825; goodman.timothy@dorsey.com 
              Angela Bohmann, Stinson Leonard Street, (612) 335-1510; angela.bohmann@stinsonleonard.com

              Section members, visit the Employee Benefits Community at my.mnbar.org!

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