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              Time's Up Manual

              The Time’s Up Manual (A Manual of the Statutes of Limitations in Minnesota for Civil Litigators) is updated annually in December/January.  The Manual identifies and organizes time limits imposed for civil claims by the Minnesota Statutes.  It covers time limitations in the Minnesota Statutes, Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure, General Rules of Practice in the District Courts, and the Minnesota Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure. 
              The updated edition of the Manual is now available for purchase.  In an effort to “go green,” we no longer offer the Manual by CD or hard copy.  The Manual is only available by digital download.  


              MSBA Civil Litigation Section Time’s Up Manual Prices

              Civil Litigation Section Member Rate:  FREE 
              Non-Section Member Rate:  $35.00 
              Non-MSBA Rate:  $65.00 

              Time's Up Order Form

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