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              Children and the Law Section

              All attorneys - whether their primary practice is child-focused or they just have an interest in children and the law - are encouraged to join the section!

              Section Benefits and Activities

              The Children and the Law Section provides its members with opportunities to:

              • Network with other child advocates;
              • Enhance their professional effectiveness;
              • Improve justice for children; and
              • Contribute to the profession and the community through opportunities for direct service.

              Some of the benefits of membership in the Children & the Law Section include:

              • Access to up-to-date information on critical issues affecting Minnesota’s children and the law related to children’s issues through council/roundtable meetings, electronic news updates and CLE offerings;
              • A forum for child advocates to meet and address common concerns and issues through council/roundtable meetings and the section's annual meeting;
              • Opportunities to meet, work with and build a network of contacts with child advocates;
              • Opportunities to honor law students and attorneys who contribute to the area of children and the law;
              • Chances to contribute to the legal profession and the community; and
              • A vehicle for child advocates to have a voice in decision-making through input to and representation on local and statewide committees, commissions, task forces and court, bar association and legislative groups.

              The Children & the Law Section activities and initiatives include:

              • Section Council Meetings
              • Section-sponsored CLE programs
              • The Annual Kathleen Blatz Child Advocate and Pro Bono Service Award. Click here for more details and award recipients.
              • Investigation of a Child Law Certification program
              • Collaboration with child advocacy agencies, such as the Children's Law Center, the Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis and Civil Society
              • Promotion of pro bono and legal aid opportunities and trainings for attorneys interested in volunteering in the area of children and the law
              • Much more!

              Section members, visit the Children and the Law Section Community at my.mnbar.org!

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