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              Member Discounts

              Discounts For Members

              Discounts for you, your family, and your practice

              MSBA members receive substantial savings on many programs aimed at helping you and your practice. By supporting these partners, you enhance your support of the MSBA.

              Insurance Solutions for Members

              Minnesota Lawyers Mutual

              MLM Endorsed Logo

              Your trusted source for professional liability Insurance. Founded in 1982 by members of the MSBA, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (MLM) provides professional liability insurance and risk management services for the legal community. For more information visit: www.mlmins.com or call (800) 422-1370.


              Did you know your MSBA membership could help protect your income, family and business by providing you with dependable coverage at exclusive member rates? MSBAInsure provides you with important coverages at economical premiums.

              For your Business: Includes important coverages like General Liability, Workers Compensation, Employment Practices Liability Insurance and now Cyber-Breach Liability Insurance. Cyber liability is the risk posed by conducting business over the internet, over other networks, or using electronic storage technology. The MSBAInsure Cyber-Breach Liability Insurance Program is designed to mitigate losses from a variety of cyber incidents like data breaches, network damage, including third party lawsuits due to loss of privacy, and more.

              For You and Your Family: Additional coverages available are various Term Life Insurance plans, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance Guidance/Solutions, Health/Dental Insurance and Auto/Home Insurance. The MSBAInsure Auto/Home Program through MetLife, offers multiple competitive quotes from highly-rated insurance carriers and special savings for MSBA members.

              Visit www.MSBAinsure.com for more information.


              Discounts for Members

              AAA logo


              Introducing enhanced benefits for MSBA members! Now save up to $32 on a new Basic AAA membership or if you are already a member, receive a discount at your renewal. Save an average of $106 using AAA Discounts & Rewards partners; Roadside Assistance that includes tows, battery boosts, open locked car doors; Free identify theft monitoring and insurance discounts, plus so much more. To learn more, contact our dedicated representative Pauline Panasuk at (952) 927-2678 or email ppanasuk@aaaminneapolis.com. AAA is there, wherever life takes you.

              ABA Books for Bars

              ABA Books Web Store

              Receive a 15% discount off the price of publications and e-media available at the ABA online store. Choose from a variety of best selling legal publications, journals, books on tapes and MP3 or Podcast downloads. www.ababooks.org. 


              ABA Retirement

              ABA Retirement

              The ABA Retirement Funds Program (“the Program”) offers an employer-sponsored retirement plan; built by lawyers, powered by pros. For over 55 years, the Program has been committed to providing the tools necessary to help all legal professionals achieve retirement security. Our structure allows your firm to focus on the success of the practice while we provide the highest level of fiduciary oversight allowable through ERISA, reducing your fiduciary risk. Through our purposeful innovation we provide an investment platform with options to allow for optimal choice and flexibility for your participants and a fully bundled service model, custom designed to meet the unique needs of your firm, to help you and your plan participants learn more, save more and worry less. And we offer all of this at a competitive price whether you are a Solo Practitioner or a large corporation. Through the unique culture created between the ABA Retirement Funds and our Program partners, we aspire to help every law firm, lawyer and legal professional secure their financial futures. Call us at 800-826-8901 for a free consultation or visit http://abaretirement.com/welcome/minnesota/ for more information.

              Abacus Private Cloud

              Abacus Private Cloud

              Abacus Private Cloud is your fully-managed, compliance-ready virtual environment which hosts and supports a wide range of enterprise and client specific applications, all under a single secure desktop with inherent backup and disaster recovery.

              Learn more here.



              AbacusLaw works for firms of any size. Features include rules-based calendaring, document / form automation, matter management, conflict checking, contact management, document & email management, time tracking, billing, balance, trust accounting & more.

              Learn more here.



              MSBA members can purchase Adobe products using this link.

              Amicus Attorney

              Amicus Attorney

              Amicus Attorney is a legal practice management solution that integrates practice information into a single automated system for improved efficiency and profitability.

              Learn more here.

              Citrix ShareFile

              Citrix ShareFile 

              Citrix ShareFile is a cloud-based storage service offering fast, easy and secure file sharing on any device anywhere. A customizable solution, ShareFile for Legal provides law firms of all sizes with unlimited storage, instant notification and access to files from any smartphone or tablet with a secure mobile app.  MSBA members receive a 20% discount for life1 with ShareFile. For product information click here. For pricing click here.

              1 Members can choose from 20% lifetime discount if billed annually, 50% off first month if billed monthly, or 50% off first quarter if billed quarterly.
              Citrix RightSignature

              Citrix RightSignature 

              The easiest, fastest way to get e-signatures. Get contracts, NDAs, and more signed much faster. You can get started with electronic signatures in about 60 seconds! Citrix RightSignatureMSBA members receive a 20% discount for life1 with RightSignature. For product information click here. For pricing click here.

              1 Members can choose from 20% lifetime discount if billed annually, 50% off first month if billed monthly, or 50% off first quarter if billed quarterly.


              Clio’s industry-leading, cloud-based legal practice management, client intake + legal CRM software streamlines law firm operations, improves productivity, and enables legal professionals to increase their revenues from one central location. With powerful tools for client intake, case management, document management, time tracking, invoicing, and online payments, Clio simplifies firm management so you can spend more time doing what you do best—practicing law.

              Approved by more than 66 bar associations and legal societies, Clio provides industry-leading security, 24/5 customer support, and 125+ integrations with legal professionals’ favorite apps and platforms, including Fastcase, Dropbox, Quickbooks, and Google Apps. Minnesota State Bar Association members are eligible to receive a 10% discount on Clio products. Sign up today at www.clio.com/mnbar.



              Build your own legal service apps

              As a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, you qualify for 10% off Community.lawyer's standard and premium subscription plans. Create a free account now and use your MSBA partner code to claim your discount if you decide to upgrade your subscription.

              Create a free account here.



              CosmoLex Law Practice Management Software combines practice management, billing, AND accounting, all in one login -- making it the total solution that solo & small law firms can rely on to run their entire practice.  Cloud access lets you get work done in the office or on the road. CosmoLex practice management keeps your meetings and tasks organized ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. CosmoLex billing captures all time and expenses in the moment – as soon as they occur. Your bills go out on time and you reap the rewards of better cash flow, higher profits. While the CosmoLex accounting system handles all the intricacies of business and trust accounting right out of the box. Small Law firms in all 50 states use CosmoLex to make their practice more compliant, efficient and profitable. MSBA members receive a 10% lifetime discount on CosmoLex.

              You can try CosmoLex free today and see how it streamlines your entire practice. 



              Encrypt.me is a simple to use virtual private network (VPN), encrypting communications between your devices and the internet. Our service is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Amazon Fire OS. When you use the Encrypt.me services, your internet traffic is encrypted, and your IP address is hidden, by passing traffic through our servers. This protects your data and hides your online activities.

              With Encrypt.me, you can easily protect yourself, and your entire team, using our team accounts, which start at $6.39 monthly per user. There's a 14 day free trial, and all Minnesota State Bar Association members are eligible to receive a 20% discount when signing up at https://app.encrypt.me/friends/msba/.

              Go Next Logo

              Go Next

              Go Next provides high quality travel to dynamic destinations around the globe. Available to you, your family and your friends. Call (952) 918-8950 or (800) 842-9023 or visit www.gonext.com. Don't forget to mention you're an MSBA member.



              HotDocs is the document automation software that allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent, easy to use templates. Law firms worldwide use HotDocs to eliminate risk, enhance compliance, and increase productivity when generating legal documents.

              Learn more here.



              Delivery Trust Email Encryption by Identillect Technologies ensures total security and control over your sensitive email communications, both outbound and when recipients respond. As legal professionals, it is not only an ethical obligation to ensure confidentiality when communicating with clients but also a legal obligation when dealing with clients in heavily regulated industries.

              MNBA is one of the many Bar Associations across the country which have selected Identillect's Delivery Trust email encryption as the recommended email security solution for their member's sensitive email communications.

              Delivery Trust integrates seamlessly with your existing email and allows for customizable security settings from both a user and organization level, all at the click of a button. Leverage the additional capability of the Secure Scan add-on which detects sensitive information based on your organizational needs and automatically encrypts when necessary.

              Sign Up Today. MSBA Members use Promo Code MSBA2 to receive a 20% discount. For additional information: 888-781-4080 or Info@identillect.com."



              Recommended by 48 state and more than 70 local and specialty bars, LawPay is proud to be the preferred payment partner of more than 50,000 lawyers. Designed specifically for the legal industry, LawPay provides attorneys with a simple, secure way to accept online credit card payments in their practice.

              LawPay understands the unique compliance and financial requirements placed on attorneys, which is why their solution was developed specifically to correctly separate earned and unearned fees, giving you peace of mind that your credit card transactions are always handled correctly.

              For more than a decade, LawPay has made it as easy as possible for attorneys to receive payment for their services. To learn more, call 866-376-0950 or visit our website.



              PracticePanther is the highest-rated practice management software in the world, offering countless integrations and optimized features, including client and matter intake, sophisticated time tracking and billing, workflow and document generation, and much more in order to help attorneys save time and maximize the efficiency, safety, and profitability of their firms. Designed with the specific needs of legal professionals in mind, PracticePanther's incomparably intuitive software harnesses its comprehensive features and integrations to optimize the performance of law practices in Minnesota and around the world. In the spirit of making attorneys' lives easier, PracticePanther is offering members of the Minnesota State Bar Association 10% off for life. Just click here to get started.


              Ruby Receptionists

              Worried about missing calls from potential clients? Let Ruby? help you build trust – one call at a time.

              Thousands of attorneys trust Ruby to help them grow their firms and delight their callers, and have been doing so for 15 years. Our live, virtual receptionists create meaningful connections with callers and builds trust with each interaction—increasing the likelihood that you've secured a client for life. Any caller could be your next big case, and we're here to make sure you don't miss it!

              We answer with your custom greeting, delight callers in English and Spanish, transfer calls through to you live when you’re available, takes messages or offer voicemail when you’re not, collect intake, answer FAQs, make outbound calls and more! Our powerful app gives you flexibility and information at your fingertips – while our receptionists make you look good.

              MSBA members receive a 5% lifetime discount on monthly plans. (Promo code: GOSPHERS) To learn more, call 866-611-7829 or visit us at www.callruby.com/mnbar


              Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists & Web Chat

              Smith.ai is a superior virtual receptionist and web chat service for attorneys that combines real receptionists with machine intelligence. Our live, U.S.-based receptionists answer and return calls, and respond to live website chats. Our AI chat bot provides 24/7 responsiveness to your website visitors. By phone and web chat, we can capture and qualify leads, intake new clients, book appointments, and accept payments. With 30+ software integrations and our own Zapier app, we sync with your CRM, calendar, intake, billing, and marketing automation programs, including Clio, Clio Grow, Lexicata, HubSpot, Calendly, Acuity, LawPay, and many more. The result: We don't just answer and transfer calls — we take real (non-lawyering) work off your plate.

              Plans start at $60/mo for web chat, and $70/mo for phone receptionists, and include free spam blocking. There are no setup fees, contracts, or cancellation penalties. Starting or switching to Smith.ai is easy, and can be completed within 1 business day.

              MSBA members receive the following benefits:

              • $50 off your first month of live calls or web chat with code MNBAR
              • 10-call/5-chat free trial (up to 30 days)
              • 5% discount when you sign up for both live calls and web chat
              • 15% annual plan discount

              Try Smith.ai for free and experience fewer interruptions and chores, improved marketing results, more qualified leads, and greater client satisfaction.

              To learn more, chat with us at Smith.ai, call (650) 727-6484, or email hello@smith.ai


              SoFi Student Loan Refinancing

              MSBA members, family, and friends can receive a $300 welcome bonus* upon refinancing their student loans with SoFi.  SoFi is the market leader of student loan refinancing and has originated $12+ billion in loans for over 170,000 borrowers. In order to receive the $300 welcome bonus*, applicants MUST apply through the SoFi.com/MNBar link.


              For more information on SoFi, feel free to contact Michael Phillips and his dedicated customer service team at ask@sofi.com or 1.855.456.7634. Be sure to mention you are part of the Minnesota State Bar Association Advantage program.

              *Payment of $300 will be issued electronically once you become a SoFi borrower; you have submitted a completed application with documents and your loan has been disbursed. Offer good for new customers only.

              Disclaimer: Loan consolidation through SoFi may affect your eligibility for federal loan forgiveness programs, including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, as well as certain federal loan protections.  You should carefully consider all your repayment options, then decide what best suits your individual situation.


              Since 1999, TimeSolv has provided web-based legal billing, timekeeping, and project management solutions for law firms. As a Minnesota company, TimeSolv is dedicated to helping lawyers in our state achieve maximum efficiency and profits.

              TimeSolv offers all the conveniences of cloud-based software by working on any platform, Windows or Mac, and any browser. A free mobile app is available for iOS and Android users and the application works seamlessly on tablets. Uniquely, there’s a desktop widget that allows time and expense entries even when offline. TimeSolv features unlimited document storage and integrates with Dropbox and NetDocuments. The two-way integration with QuickBooks allows for easy syncing between the two systems, as well as over 30 different reports that can be outputted in multiple formats. Included in TimeSolv is a Client Portal, integrated with LawPay, to allow faster payment by clients.

              TimeSolv offers a free, no obligation 30-day trial with a dedicated account manager and unlimited support.

              www.timesolv.com  | 1.800.715.1284


              Partnership Opportunities