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              Fewer than 3% of all registered attorneys in Minnesota are certified specialists in their field.

              Find a Certified Specialist

              The Certified Legal Specialist designation is one way for the public to identify those attorneys who have demonstrated proficiency in their specialty area and to find an attorney whose qualifications match their legal needs.


              Public Service

              Certification programs serve a public function by enhancing public access to qualified practitioners. These programs provide assurance that the specialist has been found to possess the expertise, experience, and knowledge necessary to provide quality service.

              Professional Recognition

              The designation "Certified Specialist" provides the professional with a time-honored method of informing the public and their peers that their specialty qualifications have been tested, documented, and certified by an accrediting organization.


              MSBA Board Certified Legal Specialists earn the right to use the programs' logos, receive a 5% discount on malpractice insurance through MLM, and other benefits such as a listing in the online Specialists' Directory found on the MSBA website.

              Since 1987, the Minnesota State Bar Association has been approved as an independent professional organization for certifying lawyers as specialists.

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              Sue Koplin

              MSBA Certified Legal Specialist Director
              (612) 278-6318
              (800) 882-6722