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              Policy Positions


              MSBA Positions 2012-2018

              The MSBA implements positions it takes in a number of ways:

              1. Filing a petition with the court
              2. Filing comments with the court or court-related entities such as the Board of Law Examiners, the Board of Continuing Legal Education, the Court’s Advisory Committees on rules, etc.
              3. Advocating at the legislature. For a full list of MSBA legislative positions, click here
              4. Filing amicus briefs
              5. Sending a letter with our position to identified entities, issuing a press release, etc.
              For more information, please contact Nancy Mischel, Senior Directory of Policy, at 612-278-6331 or nmischel@mnbars.org

              Subject Area

              Brief Description



              COURT RULES
              Rules of Civil Procedure
              Proposed amendments to conform with federal rules on timing and new cy pres provision
              Petition to the court
              Court adopted majority of MSBA’s recommendations
              Rules of Civil Procedure
              Pocket filing, MRCP 5.04
              Amicus, Gams v. Houghton, File No. A14-1747 and Cole v. Wutzke, File No. A15-0060
              General Rules of Practice
              Rule 10
              Comments supporting petition of Tribal Court/State Court Forum
              Rules for Admission to the Bar
              Proposed amendments to allow for early bar exam
              Petition to the court filed 6.28.18
              Petition denied without prejudice, court Order issued 2.14.19
              Rules for Admission to the Bar
              Rule 7A, Admission without examination; practice requirements
              Comments to BLE; Request to file amicus; denied because applicant not granted review
              Pending; BLE submitted recommended changes and report to court
              Rules for Professional Conduct
              Proposed amendments to Rule 1.6 and 5.5
              Petition filed; comments at public hearing 1.15.19
              Rules of Lawyers Professional Responsibility
              Supporting amendments proposed to Rule 18 by LPRB
              Negligence and statute of limitations in legal malpractice actions
              Amicus Brief Frederick v. Wallerich, File No. A15-2052
              Amicus Brief, In re K.M., vs. Burnsville Police Department, File  No. A19-0414
              Courthouse Security Bypass
              Challenges to Practice of Law
              Future of Legal Education
              ACCESS TO JUSTICE
              Funding for courts, legal aid, public defenders
              Supporting adequate funding
              Legislative position
              Civil Gideon
              Public Defender Funding
              Proposed amendments to Rules on Lawyer Registration
              Immigration Reform
              Joining ABA in supporting comprehensive immigration reform
              Letters to President, MN congressional delegration, etc.
              SAGE Best Practices
              Adopting best practices for legal employers in the area of diversity
              Publicizing and promoting within MSBA
              Prohibiting Discrimination in Jury Selection
              Proposal to add mental status and sexual orientation to prohibited discrimination list
              Legislative position
              Judicial election/selection
              Supporting merit selection, appointment by Governor, and retention elections for judges
              Legislative position
              Unpublished decisions
              Proposed amendments to special rules of practice for the appellate courts
              Letter to Court of Appeals

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