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              Join your fellow MSBA members in providing 50 hours of pro bono service annually

              The Minnesota State Bar Association is proud to recognize members who provide 50 hours or more of pro bono legal services per year as North Star Lawyers.

              Lawyers who serve the poor without charge should be celebrated. By generously donating their time and talent, they change lives. They help people who otherwise could not afford counsel achieve justice. The Minnesota State Bar Association is tremendously proud of our members who render free legal services to low-income persons. For hours volunteered in calendar year 2018, the MSBA will give special recognition to members who provide 50 hours or more of legal services as defined in Rule 6.1(a), (b)(1) and (b)(2) of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Last year, over 925 MSBA members were certified as North Star Lawyers. We know many more of you could be recognized this year. Members who report their voluntary service will be recognized as North Star Lawyers and included on the annual roster insert published in the May/June 2019 Bench & Bar edition, as well as in other recognition opportunities.  

               The full list of 2018 North Star Lawyers can be found here.  Certification for 2019 North Star Lawyers will begin in December 2019.


              New to pro bono? Wondering where to start?

              • Find information on organizations needing volunteers here
              • Join ProJusticeMN.org, Minnesota's primary resource for pro bono lawyers. 
              • View a list of cases in need of a volunteer, and sign up to receive email alerts when there is a new case that fits your geographic and substantive preferences.
              • Get CLE credit for your pro bono service. Contact the program you volunteer through, or the CLE Board for details.


              Complete lists of North Star Lawyers by year: