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              What We Stand For

              Championing Justice, Equality, and Professionalism

              Our Diversity Enriches Us, Our Inclusion Empowers Us

              Our Values

              Diversity & Inclusion

              The MSBA recognizes the power of diversity of persons, viewpoints, beliefs and human understanding. We strive to model diversity within all areas of the organization and support the work of Minnesota’s affinity bar associations.

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              Access to Justice

              The MSBA works to ensure equal justice for all Minnesotans, and encourages and recognizes pro bono legal service by attorneys.

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              Advocacy for the Profession

              The MSBA advocates for the legal profession through legislative improvements, amicus briefs, and rule changes.

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              Policy Positions

              The MSBA develops and implements policies on a variety of legal matters. Read more on our current policy positions.

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              Upcoming CLE & Events

              ON DEMAND CLE
              Get critical updates and developments in the law on your own time with On Demand CLEs.
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              Apply Online

              Learn more about all of the available options to become a member of the MSBA here.