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              Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council



              The D&I Council's purpose is to lead the advocacy and promotion of historically discriminated groups within the MSBA and the legal profession, through an inclusive culture where various viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs are respected and considered.

              Strategic Plan: 2017-2020 MSBA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan




              bryan_browning 120

              Bryan Browning

              Bassford Remele
              Term: 1 year



              Jerri Adams Headshot

              Jerri C. Adams

              Employment Attorney
              Baillon Thome Jozwiak & Wanta LLP
              Term: 3 years

              Ann anaya 120

              Ann Anaya

              Assistant Chief Diversity Officer
              Term: 2 years

              JoanBibelhausen 120Joan Bibelhausen

              Executive Director
              Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
              Term: 1 Year

              Phil Duran 120 2

              Phil Duran

              Co-Director, Legal Services
              JustUs Health
              Term: 2 years

              Mike Essien 120

              Mike Essien

              Essien Law Office, PLLC
              Term:3 year

              Ivan Fong 120

              Ivan Fong (Emeritus)

              Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and General Counsel

              Peter Glass photo 120 2

              Peter Glass (Emeritus)

              Assistant General Counsel
              Xcel Energy


              Nur Ibrahim

              Assistant Attorney General
              Office of the MN Attorney General
              Term: 2 years

              Marcos_Ramirez 120

              Marcos Ramirez

              Financial Consultant
              Thomson Reuters
              Term: 2 years

              Pam_Rochlin 120

              Pamela Rochlin (Emeritus)

              The Rochlin Law Firm, Ltd.

              Silkey_Alice 120

              Alice Silkey

              Emerita Professor of Law
              Mitchell Hamline School of Law
              Term: 2 years

              Jenny Warfield 120

              Jenny Warfield

              Corporate Real Estate Associate
              Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
              Term: 2 years



              Athena Hollins 120

              Athena Hollins

              MSBA Diversity and Inclusion