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              Bernard P. Becker Awards

              The Bernard P. Becker Legal Services Staff award is presented annually to attorneys, paralegals, administrators or other staff employed by a private, nonprofit agency that provides legal services to low-income eligible clients. The Becker Student Volunteer Award is presented to a law student who has demonstrated a commitment to the provision of legal services to low-income persons.

              Nominations for the 2020 awards will open in January 2020. 
              Contact: Sherri Knuth at (612) 278-6330.


              2019 Awards

              2019 Becker awardees small

              Legacy of Excellence: 
              Steve Wolfe, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
              Michele Garnett McKenzie, The Advocates for Human Rights

              Georgia Sherman, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

              Emerging Leader: 
              Jocylyn Poehler, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

              Law Student:
              Kimberly Boche, University of St. Thomas

              Previous Winners