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              Access to Justice Committee



              To encourage lawyers to participate in local volunteer attorney and judicare programs, and to support statewide programs providing civil legal assistance to people who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

              We are always looking for new members who have an interest in serving the disadvantaged. We are especially interested in new members who can bring diversity and a variety of experiences to the committee.



              • Pro Bono
              • Policy
              • Resource Development
              • Law School Initiative


              Co-Chairs 2019-20

              Kelly Tautges, Pro Bono Counsel & Director, Faegre Baker Daniels
              Tom Walsh, Executive Director, Volunteer Lawyers Network

              Staff Liasions

              If you are interested in learning more about the ATJ Committee, please contact MSBA staff members: Sherri Knuth (612) 278-6330 or Steve Marchese (612) 278-6308.


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              The ATJ committee meets five times per year at the MSBA offices. Remote participation is an option. 

              2019-2020 Meeting Dates
              September 17, 2019
              November 19, 2019
              January 28, 2020
              March 17, 2020
              May 19, 2020