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              About MSBA

              Our Story

              The Minnesota State Bar Association promotes the highest standards of excellence and inclusion within the legal profession, provides valued resources to its members, and strives to improve the law and the equal administration of justice for all.

              The Minnesota State Bar Association was established in 1883. A lot has changed since then, but today an essential part of our mission remains as it was in the beginning. The MSBA is where Minnesota lawyers connect--to teach, to learn, to confront challenges and navigate changing times together. Through their collective voices and experiences, MSBA members continue to advocate for the legal profession at the courts and the legislature.

              Licensed attorneys, in Minnesota or elsewhere, can become a member of the MSBA. Law students, paralegals, and law management associates are also welcome.

              Championing Justice, Equality, and Professionalism

              Our Diversity Enriches Us, Our Inclusion Empowers Us

              Our Work

              What We Stand For

              We act to ensure access to justice, advocate for the profession and promote diversity and inclusion.

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              We are run by the members, for the members – we need you to help us pave the way! Leadership opportunities vary, from Section or Committee roles to participating in the Wills for Heroes program.

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              Related Organizations

              The MSBA works together with several state and local associations, foundations and public service programs collaborating on projects and events each year.

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              Our People


              Tom Nelson President


              Cheryl Dalby Chief Executive Officer